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Best green tea

For green tea to help us lose weight it is important that we drink three cups a day and combine them with a balanced diet.  Few things are more satisfying than coming home and serving us green tea in our favorite cup. There are those who will drink it for simple pleasure, but there are also millions of people who consume it for its great health benefits, and for its virtue to help us lose weight. Now, what is true in this statement? Can we really trust the idea that green tea is one of the best natural drinks to lose a few kilos? Let’s talk about it today. What we all look for when it comes to weight loss is to do it in the healthiest way possible. You know that there are very restrictive diets that they actually do is reduce the rate of protein, carbohydrates and all kinds of fats, without taking into account that our body needs a balance, where fatty acids are not excluded or that level of proteins with which to allow our body to perform its functions normally. It is necessary to lose weight with health, knowing how to lead a proper lifestyle and supporting us, in addition, in all these resources that nature gives us, such as green tea. So, is it true that this ancestral drink allows us to eliminate those extra kilos? Undoubtedly, it is, but it is an “ally” that we must include in a varied and balanced diet. On its own it will not work the miracle of making us lose weight if we continue eating improperly. Buy online best green tea from our online marketplace.

Let’s see how green tea helps us at the time of losing weight.


  1. A potent antioxidant

Green tea is a powerful natural antioxidant, capable of curbing premature aging, of protecting us against many diseases thanks, above all, to its high level of polyphones. However, it is important to know that, in fact, the most potent antioxidant in nature is white tea, far superior even to green tea.

  1. Green Tea Helps Speed ​​Up Metabolism

Green tea has the main benefit of helping us to accelerate our metabolism, thus allowing us to burn fats. It is precisely the Catechins that cause the body to enter thermo genesis, producing energy to eliminate those extra kilos. Nor can we forget that it is a mild appetite suppressant, which causes us to eat less and to arrive more easily at our main meals without having to snack between hours. Another interesting aspect is that this ancestral drink is very suitable to prevent the high peaks of insulin levels in the blood, regulating in addition that the fat also goes to our cells, while reducing gradually the body fat index.

  1. An excellent diuretic and a stimulant tonic for the liver

Green tea is a wonderful ally to purify our body, to eliminate those toxins present in our blood and our intestines. It purifies the saturated fats and helps us to eliminate through the urine those substances that make us feel swollen, that inflame our belly. In addition, green tea is a very suitable tonic to stimulate and reconstitute the pancreas and liver. It helps them in their basic functions and, given their high level of antioxidants, acts as a good protector of these organs.

How should I consume green tea to be able to lose weight in a healthy way?

  1. To achieve healthy weight loss thanks to green tea, we must drink three cups a day.
  2. The first cup of green tea we will take it in fasting and mixed with the juice of half lemon.
  3. The second cup will be taken 20 minutes after the lunch. In this way, we favor digestion, absorb the nutrients better and achieve that the fats are purified and eliminated, not to mention that it will help us feel satiated until the next meal. Remember also that you should never mix green tea with white sugar. Ideally, do not include any sweetener, but if it is difficult, add a teaspoon of honey (7.5 g).
  4. The last cup of green tea will be taken after dinner. At least an hour and a half before we went to sleep. We must give our body time to do the digestion properly before going to bed.
  5. We will notice results after two months, but for this, remember to restrict these foods from your diet.


How to drink green tea to lose weight: What they NEVER told you!

We have all ever taken green tea. Its pleasant flavor and its beneficial properties for the organism have led more than one to incorporate it into their daily diet. But do you know how to drink green tea to lose weight? We will explain why this type of tea is perfect to recover our weight in a healthy and very natural way.


This stimulant drink is an excellent natural fat burning thanks to its thermogenic capacity. This means that taking green tea quickly thins because it increases body temperature, accelerates cell metabolism and, therefore, eliminates a greater amount of adipose tissue.

The catechin, an antioxidant that this plant possesses, will also help our body to increase cellular metabolism and, consequently, to burn fats more quickly and effectively. In short, as stated by the European Medical Institute of Obesity, green tea reduces our natural ability to absorb fat.

The catechin is not only an ideal thermogenic complement, but also does not involve any type of cardiovascular risk, which places it in a much more relevant position than other fat burning substances. On the other hand, in those people who suffer fluid retention, green tea is recommended due to its great diuretic capacity. This feature favors the elimination of toxins, which helps to lose weight in a healthier way.




Now that you know why you should drink this drink, we will show you how to drink green tea to lose weight. In the first place, taking into account all its advantages, it burns fats and antioxidants for the organism; we can consider changing our morning coffee for a cup of tea. Drinking green tea on an empty stomach with a few drops of lemon juice can accelerate the results of green tea to thin the abdomen. Also, remember that green tea has theina, so it can serve as a stimulant and a perfect substitute for caffeine. However, you should be aware that the abuse of this beverage can cause insomnia and an altered mood. Therefore, never exceed 5 daily cups. Keep in mind, in addition, that this drink may not be very beneficial for those who suffer from anemia, as it can hinder the absorption of iron contained in food. On the other hand, anyone who is taking any type of medication because of pathology (especially those who have stress problems) should see the doctor for advice before incorporating several cups of tea daily in your diet. Remember also that the most effective way to lose weight is to drink a cup half an hour after each meal. If to this habit you add a balanced diet and an adequate caloric intake, you can be sure that you will lose weight. However, when you go to have green tea before bed, remember that you should spend at least two hours between the intake and the time to get into bed. This way you will avoid suffering from insomnia. Finally, on how to drink green tea to lose weight we can only say that it is better to take it hot than cold to enhance all its beneficial effects. Many are the opinions of green tea to lose weight, and although this article is about it, you should not understand this drink as a kind of “miracle potion” to lose weight. A healthy diet, that is, that does not include more fats and sugars than the body needs, is key so that green tea can help you recover your silhouette. Physical exercise is another of the variables that you must take into account when analyzing the weight loss formula. An active lifestyle enhances the quenching effect. Click here to buy fat burning tea in a convenient price.